The adventures of Nigel Crowson

working musician.

Nigel Crowson has played guitar for over 40 years, the last 10 years he´s played purely acoustic guitar, with folk band "Klonakilty", and acoustic band "Mostly Harmless" now he has gone back to Electric Blues/Rock guitar.

My Gibson les paul sat in it´s case for over 10 years, my Boogie MK4 was used as a small table next to my PC, shame on me.

Funny old world init, for years I didnt touch my Les Paul and now I play it everyday relearning blues licks and learning new blues/rock/jazz licks.
After years scraping a living playing acoustic stuff I felt a strong urge to go back to electric guitar. Ive just moved back to Germany in Baden near to Freiburg after living in Portugal for 5 years, and I´m getting back to gigging with a Blues/Rock band.

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